On the unexpected in baking

I’ve had a baking disaster today that is going to prevent me from writing as much as I’d like.  I had a post planned and started, but I just won’t have time to finish it given that I need to correct this mistake.

My mother is going to a potluck some friends are having tomorrow night and she asked me to bake something for her contribution, since she’s pretty busy right now.  Of course I agreed, because right now I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to bake something that I can get my flour-covered hands on.  I chose these gorgeous German chocolate thumbprint cookies that I saw in my mum’s favourite cooking and entertaining magazine.  They are supposed to be filled with a white chocolate & pecan ganache.

Pretty awesome, right?  I thought so too, until I actually started making the cookie dough.  There’s just not enough wet ingredients in the recipe and, unfortunately, they’re very dry.  The cookies themselves are delicious, but the texture is just off for me, and the batch was so small that it’s not really appropriate to take to someone’s house.  I decided, in the end, to scrap them and make something that I know will be amazing.  I’m rushing now to finish cooking dinner and get to the grocery store so that I can make this amazing pumpkin spice loaf.  It’s easy, very tasty, and perfect for fall.


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