On how some things just don’t go your way

I am a planner, I always have been, particularly in my personal life.  When it came to school, I was always procrastinating, but the rest of my life has always been pretty well-organized.  I’m having some friends over for dinner tonight.  It’s my first time making dinner for a group of people all on my own, without the help of my mother or a significant other.  Needless to say, I was worked up and nervous about it.  In order to give myself time to get everything done (and to fix any terrible mistakes), I did as much of the work as I could in advance.  That included writing a blog post about the circumstances of the party and its potential crippling awkwardness early in the week.

Things really didn’t go as planned.  The main guests canceled last night at about 8 pm, after I had finished making  a lot of the food, spending a bunch of money on wine and nice ingredients.  My buffer friends, a couple I’ve known for years, are still coming for dinner, but if I’d known earlier in the day I just would have called the whole thing off before I’d spent all the money and done most of the work.  The reasons for cancelling weren’t all that convincing either, and it was something they could have told me about in the morning.

It was aggravating.  I’m still pretty ticked about it.  I just really wanted everything to go well this first time and it just hasn’t gone my way.

Hopefully the smaller dinner will still be good.  I’ll probably post something about it tomorrow, along with some pictures.


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